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National Products is a leading toy manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. The President, Mr. Vincent Thai, is a famous and active figure in the toy industry with over 15 years of experience to his credit.

At National Products, the mission is to provide quality products with breakthrough and next-generation designs, combined with dedicated service. The smashing design of National Products motorcycle ride-on made big statements in the market. As recognized by peers, the company is both a reputable and reliable working partner as well as supplier in the toy industry. Apart from the development of various ride-on lines, the company also boasts successful experiences in handling ODM and OEM items for major toy customers. Most importantly, not just children have fun with National Products ride-on products, but also parents appreciate the innovative designs, life-like quality and product safety.

National Products has ever held or is recently holding a number of prominent licensed properties such as Mercedes Benz, Camaro, Hummer, Silverado, Suzuki, Mini Cooper, and OCC. The company will continue to add selected licenses to enrich its product lines.

The company meets or exceeds all safety and quality standard laid by regulatory bodies. 100% of the products are inspected on production line, which ensures an extremely low store return rate.


At National Products Ltd. The mission is to provide quality product with break through / next generation designs, combined with dedicated service.